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Post  Brukar on Mon Oct 08, 2007 5:44 pm

What is a Moderator?

A moderator is a special member who is there to ensure the forum rules are respected

What a Moderator can do?

A moderator has access to a few options to make people respect the rules

- He/she can DELETE a message or a topic
- He/she can MOVE a message or a topic
- He/she can SPLIT a topic
- He/she can EDIT another member's message
- He/she can LOCK/UNLOCK a topic
- He/she can MERGE topics
- He/she can view members's IP addresses
- He/she can BAN a member if the admin allowed this feature to moderators (see the Security section in the Admin panel)

To do all this job, he/she has buttons members don't have at the bottom-left hand side of topics.

However, a moderator doesn't have any access to the admin panel, so he/she can't modify member profiles, delete or modify a forum or a category.

How to name a moderator ?

To name a moderator, you have 2 ways
1- You name moderators one by one and you give rights to each of them
2- You create a moderator group and you give rights to the group, so you will just have to add or remove members in thr group

In the 1st case : Admin panel > User Admin & Group Admin > Management > Permissions > you type the username of the user you want to name moderator > you set "Is Moderator" next to the forums you want this member to moderate.

In the second case : You create a group called "Moderators", and then in your Admin panel > User Admin & Group Admin > Group Admin > Permissions (at the right hand side) > you set "is moderator" in front of the forums you want them to moderate.

How to remove a moderator ?

Depending on how you named him/her, you go to the user permissions and you put "is not moderator", or you remove the member from the moderator group.

How to use the moderation functions?

1- Edit a member's message : Click on the "edit" button at the top-right corner of the message. A moderator can edit all messages, even the ones he/she didn't write. His/her name won't appear in the message ecxept if he/she puts "Message edited by... because..."

2- Delete a message : Click on the delete button at the top-right corner of a message.

3- Delete a whole topic : Click on Delete the topic at the bottom-left corner of the topic page

4- Move a topic : Click on Move a topic, at the bottom-left, then choose a forum where you want to move the topic. You can activate the "Leave a shadow topic". To move a post from a topic to another, you must first split the topic, then merge the post to another topic (see points 6 and 7 for more details)

5.1- Lock a topic : Click on Lock the topic button at the bottom-left corner of the topic page.

5.2-Unlock a topic : Click on Unlock the topic button at the bottom-left corner of the topic page.

6- Split a topic : When a moderator clicks on the "Split the topic" button, he/she can create 2 topics from a single topic. When he/she clicks on the button, he will have to choose which messages will go to the new topic, by ticking the checkboxes at the right hand side of the messages. Then he/she puts a new title and chooses the destination forum where the new topic will go, then he/she clicks on Split the selected messages.

7- Merge a topic : When a moderator clicks on Merge topics, at the bottom-left corner of the topic page, he/she can merge two topics together. In the control panel window, you must first give a name to the new topic (ex : Japanese cuisine recipes), put the link or the topic number (displayed in the address, just after t=) of the first topic you want to merge, and put the link of the destination topic. Be careful, the posts will be shown in chronological order, so this might bring some confusion in the discussion.

8- Ban a member : This option is available only if the administrator enabled it in the Security section in the admin panel. To ban a member, you just have to view his/her profile from the forum and click on the "Ban this member" button.



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