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Post  XsupremeX on Sun Nov 18, 2007 3:57 pm

This policy seeks to minimize the confusion related to the position of lead admin.

The current lead admins are:

Lead admins are community leaders. They are charged with making important decisions, and in most cases their decisions are final.

Lead admins are expected to:
-Control admin abuse by any means necessary
-Unban players who they believe were banned unfairly
-Help members solve disputes with other members
-Approve the applications of potential members as they see fit
-Remove members who are inactive or behave in unacceptable ways
-Moderate the forums
-Appoint moderators
-Grant forum permissions
-Ban abusive users from the forums
-Act professionally at all times, and refrain from abusing their power
-Give their opinions to the Server Owner regarding important decisions
-Make decisions that affect the clan as a whole
-Enforce the decisions of other lead admins

A moderator may be promoted to lead admin by the Server Owner after consulting existing lead admins based on:
-High level of activity
-Solid decision-making power
-Positive community feedback
-Loyalty to the clan
-Ability to interact positively with community members
-Trials or tests administered by the Server Owner and existing lead admins

A lead admin may be stripped of his power if found to be:
-Abusing rcon access
-Abusing amx access
-Acting in an irresponsible manner
-Incompatible with other lead admins or server owners
-A member of another clan
-Abusing forum ban power
-Showing partiality (favouritism) in any decision
-Deliberately ignoring a decision made by the server owner
-Inactive for an extended period of time without a sufficient reason
-No longer able to perform his duties, for any other reason


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