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Post  XsupremeX on Sun Nov 18, 2007 3:58 pm

New members may be recruited by lead admins.

Candidates will be evaluated based on:
-Interaction with current members of the community
-Time spent in the community
-Forum activity
-Vent activity
-Responsible use of admin powers, where applicable

Note: Not all members are granted admin.

Members may be expelled from the clan by lead admins.

Members may be expelled for:
-A long period of inactivity without providing a reason
-Membership in another clan
-Lack of activity on the servers (only playing 5 minutes a week, etc.)
-Abusing admin power
-Tarnishing the image of :G8:
-Disrespecting or Arguing with another member, moderator, lead admin, or server owner
-Any other action deemed unreasonable by a lead admin

Moderators may be appointed by Lead admins
Based on the following:
-Mature and responsible
-Helping the clan on a daily bases
-Moderating the servers/forums.
+Keeping ours guests happy and make sure there is no rule breaking on our server.


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