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Application Instructions and Guidelines Empty Application Instructions and Guidelines

Post  XsupremeX on Sun Nov 18, 2007 5:25 pm

if you are really interested in joining Gun8ters you should:

~be active on the forums (not just the recruitment section)

~play and be known to us on the :G8: servers (that doesnt mean to constantly bug us to be in the clan)

if you make a good impression and show you have interest on being a part of our community and show desire to help strengthen it that will give you the best shot at getting in the clan.

To better allow us to process your application please include:

In Game name
Why do you want to join?
Why should we let you join?

Before applying you should read some of the other peoples applications to get a feel of the "competition".

An average application will look something like this:

SpawN K!LL wrote:

This is spawn kill's recruit post

Name: Aaron Pham
Game Handle: SpawN K!LL
Age :13
Little about your self : OK i know looking at my age you are probably going to delete this post. I do understand if you ignore this and if you do I will wait 2 more years until I am 15 and will be able to join this clan. I know my voice may get anoyying so I use my mic only when i really REALLY need to. I have been playing counterstrike for about 2 years and have been in 2 clans so far , none of which I have been kicked out of.

Why would you like to join: :G8: Is a great clan and their server is really fun. I love pistols and I want to help your clan progress and become more widely known.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

SpawN K!LL

A Failing application will look like this:
GodofDarkness wrote:

can i join?piz

You should also list any members of our community that can vouch for your "skills" and/or "experience"


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