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Post  XsupremeX on Sun Nov 18, 2007 8:23 pm

There are two new Moderators! A warm welcome to Pizzaboy and Alpredator!
They will be responsible for upholding and enforcing the rules and keeping the forums free of spam. If you want to see a list of their duties and responsibilities, visit here:
and here:

Here are the server rules:

They can take any disciplinary action they deem necessary. If they abuse their power, they will answer to me or Brukar. So if you find either of them abusing their power, make sure to report it in the admin abuse section.

Now that we'v got that covered. Welcome to the team guys!

Anyone who disapproves of Alpredator or Pizzaboy being a forum/server moderator, can keep it to themselves. You should trust mine and Brukars decision in appointing them.

PS: Alpredator & Pizzaboy, make sure both of you read the rules and clan policies, so you can uphold your duties and responsibilities. That way you can enforce the rules properly and give the proper disciplinary action. The proper disciplinary action is listed in the rules page.

I would also like to give a warm welcome to our new clan mate $0L!D_$N@|{E 314. This is his first day with us.

PS: Everyone, we are looking for responsible and dedicated people for moderators, if you want to apply to become a moderator, PM me or Brukar.


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