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Post  Alpredator on Sun Dec 09, 2007 8:31 pm

Wow. Cal High Grizzlies gainst De La Salle Trojons. Shockingly to me and many others, Cal lost gainst those undefeatable sons of bitches. Any u guys see the game? The first pass of the game was horrible, Spalerro tried to pass it to his team and then there was a gayass interception when one of the de la salle guys grabbed it. There offense is remarkable, fuckin, one of the de la salle guys made it thru our defense and tackeled our quarterback. I hope Cal goes gainst de la salle again, and this time i wuld like to actually be in the game. im thinkin bout joinin football, mayb playin defense hopefully. Anyways, u guys shuld have watched it, fuckin hell of a game. I understand how de la salled won and plus they got 15 NCS championships.

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