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Pizzaboy should get laid?

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Post  Alpredator on Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:18 pm

WOW pizzaboy douch bag homo. You can suck my fukin dick u gayass faggot. I simply try to talk to you and you ban me AND king and king didnt even say shit you MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! GO SUCK A FUKIN DICK GAYASS FRENCH BITCH!!!!!!!!!! FUKIN H8 ur mothafukin ass. You suck more cock than a gay man holdin a gay pride parade suckin a gay man's cock at a gay pride parade in SAN FRANCISCO BITCH!!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!! GROW A FUCKIN DICK AND GET LAID YOU CUNT ASS BITCH!!!!! FUCK YOU FRENCH AND WE AMERICANS AND ASIANS H8 Ur BITCH ASSES. if i ever see a french guy walk up to me, IMA BLOW HIS FUKIN BRAINS OUT AND THINK IT WAS YOU!!!! GAY FAGGOT ASS BITCH!!!!!!! YOU DITCH US FOR A GAYASS FRENCH CLAN AND IGNORE US WHILE WE WERE TRYIN TO HELP YOU OUT DUMSHIT!!!! FUKIN BITCH!!!!!!!! FUKIN H8 YOUR GUTS!!!! I KNOW WHERE YOU FUKIN LIVE YOU GAY FAGGOT SO U BETTA SLEEP WIT ONE EYE OPEN. fukin gayass homo. how could you man, betray us in such a way. dont forget to grow ur fukin dick pizzzaboy.

*Note:Brukar im very sorry for my foul language to your family, and im ESPECIALLY sorry to you too pacola. I have nutin against you guys, jus cept for ur relative pizzaasshole. I also quit this clan and will build a new one if you guys leave. All the original :G8: and :O members shuld join the new ly developed clan we join. Never thought i wuld go this far lmao. Peace guys and FUCK YOU PIZZABOY.

"Life is not fair; get used to it."
-Bill Gates
you fuck wit me, i fuck wit u. if u think CS girls=hot, then GTFO

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